I think ^(link) therefore I err

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Ok, that (Rocky Mtn Blogger Bash 5.5) was fun.
(Though Zombyboy (from yesterdays comment) - did I meet you? Linking people with their blogs was a good solid game of memorization!)

You get to be in a room/rooftop with people who know, without explaination, who Ace/Deb Frisch/Ahmadijenad are! Very nice people with intelligent opinions and no one going off spouting complete nonsense or getting angry because you might differ. Plus there is a whole new set of blogs to explore all of whom will have further links.....

I also learned that I am not alone in bypassing podcasts and video blogging. They just take too long to listen too or watch. Probably lots of fun to experiment with, and someone might come up with a genre I like, but I prefer the straight read at my own pace now.

Anyway - nice to meet you all! I hope to see you again.
Have a great wedding Erin and Jess!

UPDATE: Stacy already has some pictures posted. I am waiting for Jed's karaoke video. (a video I would watch!)