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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Prime Minister Siniora

Has written an editorial for the Washington Post today. Captain Ed is all over the outrageousness of it.
My personal favorite line is
The resolution to this war must respect international law and U.N. resolutions, not just those selected by Israel, a state that deserves its reputation as a pariah because of its consistent disdain for and rejection of international law and the wishes of the international community for over half a century.
The bullshit quotient in that is over the top. Hezbollah never followed the OLD resolutions. And the international law Israel keeps flouting are those that want Israel to stop defending itself. Not once does Siniora mention the amounts of suicide bombers or Katyushas that Israel has had to put up with.
In another story today, this time in the NYTimes is about how all of those moderate Arabs are having a hard time right now because anyone who agrees with the US about anything is a pariah. I wouldn't have called that news, but this cracked me up.
Omar Amiralay, a Syrian documentary filmmaker, was in a taxi recently when the radio broadcast a news bulletin about a suicide bombing in Baghdad that killed some 35 people.

“The Americans should just let Saddam out of jail for a week,” he quoted the driver as saying, only half joking. The dictator would slay one million Iraqis and “everything would be peaceful again.”

Apparently as along as it's an antiAmerican Arab killing the bad guys, it's ok. But if Israel or the US armed forces do it, that's when there's a problem.

One more thing to note. Aren't there better ways for leaders of countries to spread their word vs letters to the editor of American newspapers?