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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More Photos

Michelle Malkin is all over this story with tons of links and pictures. I just want to say that this story, which I would think would be front page news but isn't, changes the way I'm reading everything. I'm not often "touched" by the tragic pictures so can't say how influential they are but now I question the stories. How many stories mention the "900 casualties in Lebanona, most of them civilians"? Should we divide that number by 3? 2? 5? And then ask for names of the civilians so they can be checked against....? some Hezbollah database? I'm not even sure how you CAN get the story.
Captain Ed follows an NBC newsman.
Meanwhile, news services increasingly rely on stringers for their reports, and usually this means publishing pictures or reports from people who may have other loyalties. As the meltdown of Reuters shows, when media outlets rely on people like Adnan Hajj with little or no editorial control, they turn themselves into propaganda providers, not news organizations. One would think that an editor would understand the pitfalls of relying on locals in a war for objective reporting, but not only do they fail to consider it, the editors pass along their product without any serious review.

UPDATE: Charles did make the front page of the Washington Post in a throwaway story titled Blogger Takes Aim at News Media and Makes a Direct Hit Frankly "the story", if I were king, should be about whether or not we public regular joes can trust the news media. That is what's important here. This little fluff piece is about bloggers, Charles Johnson in particular, going up against the media.
Hooper says the Reuters incident is unfortunate in itself, but says such sites as Little Green Footballs use such lapses "as a club against the entire mainstream media. Their line is basically that if one freelance photographer alters a photo, then everything Israel does must be justified. Or if one of the sentences that Dan Rather once uttered wasn't correct, then the media is corrupt and Dan Rather's whole career is rotten to the core."