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Friday, August 11, 2006

Logical Thinking

To be perfectly fair to all sides yesterday, I listened in on Air America and checked out lefty blogs a lot during the day. Al Franken sounded like a relatively reasonable man who has different opinions than the president on how to deal with terrorists. No problem. However - some of his callers and some left wing blogs were amazing yesterday.
The Jawa Report follows one line of thought that shocked him but that I heard throughout the day. And, fyi, these whackjobs think this makes logical sense.
Yesterday's foiled plot was timed to coincide with Ned Lamont's win.
Yes - the world revolves around Connecticut elections folks!

As long as we're on the media, the NYTimes editorial (via American Thinker) also makes it a point to be hurt that politicians would use yesterdays trauma for political gain. Both instances cited, Lieberman and Cheney, in my humble opinion, while quite likely placed for political gain in all fairness are what people should be talking about! Their's are strong opinions. And ones that I agree with.
Leaving Iraq now would be a plus for Islamofascists. Politcal gain is convincing people that your opinion is the best one for the voter. It makes sense to me to share.

Now, check out the Time's closing paragraph:
Here is what we want to do in the wake of the arrests in Britain. We want to understand as much as possible about what terrorists were planning. To talk about airport security and how to make it better. To celebrate what worked in the British investigation and discuss how to push these efforts farther. It would be a blessed moment in modern American history if we could do that without turning this into a political game plan.

That's right, celebrate what worked in the British investigation and discuss how to push these efforts farther. Ok - what worked:
Wall Street Journal mentions a few. Like surveillance, money tracking, phone call tracking.
Meanwhile, British antiterrorism chief Peter Clarke said at a news conference that the plot was foiled because "a large number of people" had been under surveillance, with police monitoring "spending, travel and communications."

So the NYTimes wants us to be more like Britain, because they are so clever about how to catch terrorists, and yet they (the NYTimes) will do anything in their power to thwart any sort of reduction in what they see as civil liberties by putting things like the Swift program and the oversees calling surveillance program on the front page under headings like "Bush Government goes the way of Hitler". (ok, not really, but you get the picture)

It's hard to keep up in this world isn't it?

Now here's a question to throw out there? Is Ned Lamont's support dropping because
a) of his stock in Walmart
b) of his groupie's black faced Lieberman "joke" on the internet
c) of President Bush's evil timing of Prime Minister Blair's capture of plotters of murder
d) MOST Democrats are not as crazed as those that vote in primaries and the more they get to know Lamont vs Lieberman, the choice becomes obvious.

ps, call me a Lieberman groupie.