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Monday, August 14, 2006

Israel and Lebanon

Waiting and seeing. The Jerusalem Post expects the cease fire to fail. And Israel is preparing.
According to Peretz, "The main question is how Hizbullah will react; in any case, we are preparing for all the scenarios."
According to Andrew Buncombe writing in the NZ Herald planning for future scenarios is a bad thing. Or at least that's the tone he's taking.
Both Israeli and US officials say that the Israeli military operation against Hizbollah was triggered by the seizing of two Israeli soldiers, apparently to be bargained with for a possible prisoner swap.

But Hersh's report, published in the New Yorker, adds to evidence that Israel had been anticipating a Hizbollah provocation for some time and planning its response - a response that was widely condemned for being disproportionate.
Not really seeing a connection there...because they had a plan for responding to increasing tension, there was a disproportionate response?? Andy's not clear.
Captain Ed sees the as yet non deployment of Lebanese forces as a humiliation for them.

I'm certain there are tons of nuances/preparations going on all over the world right now as we wait and see. But I'm guessing that is you have to hand out leaflets proclaiming you're victory, in reality, it's not much of a victory.

In the meantime, I suspect the UN will be investigating this story about the Islamic Jihad killing a suspected spy in front of hundreds in Jenin.