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Friday, August 25, 2006

Good News Friday

Because I'm tired of all the bad news.

Iraq the Model just returned from Egypt. Key quote:
My participation in this meeting renewed my hope and strengthened my feeling that we're not fighting this battle alone. The beautiful thing about the meeting is that everyone is looking forward to see the Iraq experiment unfold to something good that will reflect positively on all those who have accepted the Middle East to be their home.

Michael J. Totten is seeing some positive signs out of Lebanon that wouldn't have been possible before this war.

There were 2 stories in the Washington Post this morning about the Mahdi Army. OPFOR Neither sound positive but neither are unexpected. Except this.
The repositioning is the first public acknowledgment that forces from the U.S.-led military coalition in Iraq have entered into guerrilla warfare to combat the insurgents and militias they have been fighting for more than three years." It's bold. I like it.

I'm with him. It's bold. I like it.
The first story ended with the sight of a 15 year old dead girl on the street that no one is bothering to look into. It's not clear from the story if no one bothers to look at any murders assumed committed by the Mahdis or if it's just women but I'd like to seem him (Moqtada) gone. Ok so that's not "good news" but him being gone would be.....