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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Buffet of Resolutions

In this BBC story you have the following quote from Prime Minister Olmert:
But Mr Olmert said only that Israel would pull out of the Lebanon once UN resolution 1701 was implemented.

"[The resolution] is not a buffet where you pick up one item and leave others," he said.
And in this Bloomberg story you have the following quote:
Resolution ``1701 is a fixed menu, not a buffet where you choose and pick. It has to be implemented in its entirety,'' Annan said today.

Who is to be believed here? I suspect since Annan is the one that wants to pick and choose from the buffet of a resolution that it's Olmert who really said it.

In the NYTimes Olmert says:
The resolution, Mr. Olmert said, “is not a smorgasbord. It’s not a buffet. It’s a one-time meal."

And at Reuters Olmert said:
"The (resolution) is a fixed buffet and everything will be implemented, including the lifting of the blockade, as part of the entire implementation of the different articles," he said.

One little buffet quote. Quoted four different ways!