I think ^(link) therefore I err

Monday, July 17, 2006


I was reading Tim Blair's post this morning and connected to the link in the Sydney Morning Herald where it makes war sound like "you kill 3 people so I only get to kill 3 people, then I'll wait until you kill 10 of my people and then I'll kill 10 of your people. Oh - and I'll be sure to split them between soldiers and civilians based upon how you kill our people." Huh?
After four days of retaliation, the Israeli Government's tally stood at: a member of the Hezbollah militia, which started the whole business with its border raid last Wednesday, a bunch of Hezbollah offices and homes and more than 100 innocent men, women and children.

This was a reply to the deaths in action of 12 Israeli military personnel and four civilians, including a eight-year-old boy, killed by Hezbollah in subsequent exchanges of long-range fire.

Yesterday morning Hezbollah struck again, killing nine Israelis in a missile attack on Haifa in retaliation for attacks on Lebanese civilians and infrastructure.

Lebanon is paying a terrible price other than killings and terror.