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Sunday, July 16, 2006


Captain Ed is very smart. In regards to a press conference of Nasrallah.
If the Israelis want to psyche out Nasrallah, it appears that they have succeeded. First he declares that his terrorist group can beat Israel in an all-out war, including an invasion by tanks, for which he boasted that his troops were prepared to stop with their deaths, a deal that Israel would probably accept. In the very next breath, he called upon other Arab nations to stop sitting on the sidelines and rescue Hezbollah from its own folly.

That plea will fall on deaf ears. If Nasrallah has proven himself incapable of reading a map, the rest of the Arab world will not jump to correct his incompetence. Nasrallah has no lines of communication open, except from Syria. Syria has no lines of communication open, unless Jordan decides to support Hezbollah, which would be about as likely as snow in Mecca next week. Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey surround Syria, and the West controls the Mediterranean Sea. Even Saudi Arabia has no direct way to resupply Syria, which means that Syria has no way to keep Nasrallah supplied.

Once again, we see the strategic importance of holding Iraq in this phase of the war on terror.