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Friday, July 07, 2006

North Korea

In another show of their great strength, North Korea is now demanding that Japan remove it's sanctions. Here's the story.
"Japan is translating its criticism against us into action," Kyodo news agency quoted Song Il-ho, North Korea's ambassador in charge of diplomatic normalisation talks with Japan, as telling Japanese reporters in Pyongyang.
"This may force us to take stronger physical actions," as a response, he said. Asked what the steps may be, he said, "I leave that to your imagination," Kyodo reported.

So - in my imagination, N. Korea decides to lob a missile at Japan.
And in my imagination, Japan has one of those very cool antimissile missiles. Then what happens?
In my imagination, Song Il-Ho stomps his foot and says, "No fair!" and insists on unilateral talks with the US.
In my imagination, it's 2008 and Kerry won the presidency, so he says "blah, blah, I blah, my blah talks, diplomacy, blah, blah, blah I blah, blah, I blah, blah and with my, blah, blah..........." (You get the picture.)
Then Song Il says, "OK". And the next thing you know the whole game starts over again.

Did I say imagination? I meant in my nightmares.