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Saturday, July 15, 2006


Dinocrat posts about Lebanon's responsibility in regards to Hezbollah's party.
Imagine the Democrats or Republicans with their own private armies to carry out private foreign policies and to kill off particularly dangerous members of the opposition. Imagine the Green Party, from fortified strongholds in Berkeley and San Francisco, firing missiles into Alberta to protest that government’s protection of clergymen who refuse to perform same-sex marriages.

Absurd, you say. Ridiculous. No country could or would ever stand for that. A political party has to get power by winning elections. It can’t have a separate and private foreign policy that it carries out by force of arms. Yet that’s exactly what Lebanon has.
Imaginings are always dangerous and Lebanon is newly independant and therefore fragile. I suspect it wouldn't take more than a "try" to get Israel to back off a bit. But with no "try" at all, Israel has to go for it.

Breitbart has some hopeful news.
Trying to defuse the crisis, Lebanon's prime minister indicated he might send his army to take control of southern Lebanon from Hezbollah _ a move that might risk civil war. In a more ominous sign that the struggle could spread, Israel accused Iran of helping fire a missile that damaged an Israeli warship, a charge denied by Iran.
I suspect he'd get help if that happened.

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