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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The Environmental Republican has what's going on there along with his prediction.
Just so we're all clear. Hizbullah launched a major attack against a sovereign nation and kidnapped two soldiers. They are now holding at least one of those who is alive. They will not adhere to the Geneva Convention protocols while holding this soldier. The UN will not condemn this act but will instead blame Israel.

Remember the Michael J. Totten piece about that border?
The Lebanese govt is too afraid of Hizbullah to do much about them in the south, so tension has been building there for awhile.
According to Channel 2, anti-Hizbullah parliamentarians in Lebanon have already condemned the guerilla group for "dragging Lebanon into a military adventure against Israel."

The Jerusalem Post is saying that they suspect that the 2 kidnapped soldiers by Hizbullah have been moved deeper into Lebanon.
What a mess.
Things to keep track of: Afghanistan, Iraq, N. Korea, Iran, Gaza, Lebanon, lets not forget Syria, Sudan, Uganda, Somalia, Venezuela. Not to mention never taking our eyes off of Russia and China. Who cares about prescription drug programs or marriage amendments again?

ps, if this is an example of the power vaccum that occurs when we've lost our super power status because of people who think we've "lost", then it's especially sad and we need more Vandenburgs. Imagine how quickly things could be over if we actually had 95% faith in what we're doing in regards the WoT?