I think ^(link) therefore I err

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


See if this makes sense..... This is not "Freedom of Speech".
India's Internet regulators have started blocking several Web sites in a move that borrows a page from China, where government censors heavily restrict the flow of online information.

(ht The Jawa Report. One of the banned websites.)

And this is "Freedom of Speech".
CSNY's anti-Bush `Freedom of Speech' tour stops at ACC
It isn't only Young, however, whose right to speak out has been challenged. For as long as musicians have been writing protest songs, critics have questioned their authority to do so. Last month on CNN, Bruce Springsteen defended musical activism by insisting he had just as much right to a public political opinion as, say, outspoken conservative pundit Ann Coulter — a view shared by Stills.

That always cracks me up when they can't figure out the difference between the fact that someone is taking away their "Freedom of Speech" vs someone that "Disagrees with their Speech".

Jawa - take it as a complement for now!