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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hugo Chavez and reading too many novels

via FoxNews during his trip to Belarus.
He's having fun again.

Chavez's older brother Adan last month visited Minsk and proposed forming a common front against the U.S. as well as holding an international conference to set up a court to try U.S. President George W. Bush. Adan Chavez, Venezuela's ambassador to Cuba, described the United States as a "common enemy."
Chavez flew to Belarus from Argentina, where he participated in a South American trade summit. He and Cuban leader Fidel Castro rallied thousands of leftist sympathizers, railing against U.S.-backed free market policies they blame for many of Latin America's woes.
Lukashenko's spokesman Pavel Liogky told The Associated Press that Venezuela was a "strategic partner" for Belarus.
"In particular we share the view that the world shouldn't be unipolar," he said, referring to U.S. global dominance.

I'm curious why these people don't just ignore us. I'm not at all certain why we're the "enemy" of Belarus but I'm certain if Hugo would just sell oil we'd never mention his name. And if he didn't want to sell us his oil, then he should find other buyers. How hard is all of this?
Oops, am I being naive again? Would some secret Bush program then go and have him whacked or something? Maybe that's what this is all about. Ooh - maybe he has an army general or some brother or other sidekick that wants him dead. So this sidekick person pushes Hugo into all these confrontational speeches. Then they get him whacked in secret, blame Bush, the world goes crazy and they step in. Hmmmmm