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Sunday, July 30, 2006


In light of the bombing in Qana last night keep in mind that Hezbollah hides in and amongst civilians.
Hezbollah has been firing rockets from the village since Day 1 hiding behind innocent people’s places and even CHURCHES. No one is allowed to argue with the Hezbollah gunmen who wont hesitate to shoot you and i ve heard about more than one shooting incident including young men from the village and Hezbollah.

Urgent appeals have been done through phone calls from terrified people who wouldnt give out their name fearing Hezbollah might harm or even eliminate them.

Here are some pictures of Hezbollah hanging around an apt building with their automatic weapons and a cannon on a truck. As a side note, these photos had to be smuggled out.

On more odd thing. In the story out of CNN we learn that 1/2 of the victims are women and children. Also:
Red Cross worker Sami Yazbak, who was helping to pull bodies from the building, said many of the children who were sleeping inside were handicapped.

What exactly happened after the IDF called and dropped leaflets in the area warning people to leave?
Did Hezbollah round up handicapped kids because a) they were deemed expendable and b) their killing is especially disheartening? Hezbollah is especially dispicable if this is the case. Ordering mothers and their children to stay put.
Or were these kids unable to move due to their circumstances so they were stuck staying in a place their mother's knew was going to be bombed?
This story calls for bigtime followup.