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Sunday, July 23, 2006

File under "I wish we could ask further questions"

Ahmadinjinad says that Israel is doomed.
Ahmadinejad didn't elaborate, but suggested Islamic nations and others could somehow isolate Israel and its main backers led by the United States. On Saturday, the chairman of Iran's armed forced joint chiefs, Maj.-Gen. Sayyed Hassan Firuzabadi, said Iran would never join the current Middle East fighting

So because Israel has attacked Lebanon, somehow, someway, the Arab countries, but not the Persian ones are going to magically rise up and rid the Middle East of the scourge that is Israel. Yet so far, not even the Lebanese army has involved itself. Rich.

In the meantime, this was an interesting article talking with Israeli forces about the "toughness" of Hezbollah.
Sidorenko said he saw Hezbollah fighters firing from behind Lebanese civilians.

"That's why our soldiers are getting killed," he said.
To avoid more deaths, Israel has decided to limit its ground incursions to pinpoint operations near the border - a policy that military analysts say may well be insufficient to achieve Israel's goal of pushing Hezbollah back and destroying its ability to attack Israel.
Others wondered why Hezbollah had not yet attacked the nearly two-dozen army vehicles and hundreds of troops camped out in easy striking range below the hill on which Maroun al-Ras sits.

Most believed the guerrillas would rather aim their rockets at major Israeli population centers such as Haifa.

Disproportionate use of strength. Remember that.