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Saturday, July 29, 2006

A "Deal" for the Middle East

Powerline gives the lowdown.
On the good news front, the Lebanese Govt is acting like a govt. Now on to the next step.
The deal apparently contemplates that Hezbollah would disarm. But who would see to it that Hezbollah disarms and stay disarmed? The answer is the U.N. peacekeeping force and the Lebanese army. But the U.N. force has already proved unable and unwilling to do this -- it stood by while Hezbollah developed the capacity to bomb Haifa and Israeli towns evern further south. And it's far from clear that the Lebanese army is a match for Hezbollah in the south or that it has any desire to serve as the protector of Israel. During the current war, the Lebanese government pledged that its army will join forces with Hezbollah if Israel mounts a serious invasion.