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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Catching Up

Three weeks is a loooong time! Let's see if I've caught up appropriately. Add to this list if you see something I've missed.
In no particular order:

1) Zarqawi killed!! Yeah!!!. I was in a bar in Montrose and saw Nick Berg being shown above the glasses from across the room. An inquiry let me know about this one before going through a whole 3 week's camping trip. Now Power Line is seeing others claiming we're the ones who made Zarqawi who is was anyway. Lay them to waste Scott!

2) Haditha. Still sad news but not a coverup. Captain Ed has the update.

3) The President's trip to Iraq. Oh brother. Apparently that was a big msm story.

4.) Mogadishu now run by Islamists. (no worries, the UN is on it)

5) Roy Robison gets some recognition as documents found with and around Zarqawi are found.

6) The Jawa Report has been attacked, again. You know you're good when they keep shutting you down.

7) My mother won Best Watercolor in Boulder Art Association/Longmont Artist Guild's 2006 show! She's awesome!

Anything else big out there?