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Monday, May 29, 2006


In Iran. Apparently 3 times the number in April. These reports I keep seeing are running through the blogosphere vs the news. The news is keeping an eye on Ahmadijinad, but maybe the stories are of the students. Captain Ed is seeing Ahmadijinad building up to war.
We have seen this path before. The world should recognize the signs, and the West had better start looking for Churchills rather than Chamberlains, and quickly.
Iranians may be taking care of things themselves.

In the meantime if looks like the Afghanis are getting sick and tired of us being there.
A riot erupted after a traffic accident killed some people due to a loss of brakes on a cargo truck. Rumors got the riots started killing more of their own. It's time they started taking over their own security like the Iraqis are doing. I know we're still fighting Taliban there and searching for al-Qaeda but the Afghanis need to be stepping up too.