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Saturday, May 27, 2006

First the bad news

It's looking more like Murtha was right. There is strong indication that some Marines in Iraq killed 24 civilians basically in cold blood. This was their third deployment. I know there must be more to this story that will come out later, but its sounding like that's the basics and we are all very sorry to hear this.

UPDATE: Amen Ilrario Pantano knows a little about rushes to judgement.

In other bad news, a "militia" in Iraq made up of militants who had warned the people of the area not to wear shorts, killed 2 athletes and their coach for wearing shorts.

Both stories are ones where any thinking person meets that line in the sand and says that terrorism is not to be tolerated.
Terrorism is murder. There is no context that makes it OK.
From the Euston Manifesto.

As long as we're on bad news, take a moment for the families and friends of those lost in a new Indonesian natural disaster. It looks like a couple of thousand at least have died in an earthquake there.