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Saturday, May 27, 2006

And Finally

VDH starts the holiday weekend out right with a tribute to the troops of this war and what they've accomplished. Please do not read this with the new information about the marines in Haditha in mind. Our soldiers 99.9% of them are completely, well, awesome and deserve our respect and our gratitude along with our calling them to account when they've snapped. We realize how much we owe you as you continue to work and serve for this country and those of us out here who get to enjoy our gratefully dull day to day lives.
Thank you. You are thought of and appreciated every day, not just during Memorial Day weekend.
We should remember the achievement this Memorial Day of those in the field who alone crushed the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, stayed on to offer a new alternative other than autocracy and theocracy, and kept a targeted United States safe from attack for over four years.

ps: Memorial Day is officially for honoring the dead of war. And while that is key and not to be forgotten I think this weekend is also an opportune time to honor all those who choose to serve us regular civilians while doing dangerous jobs. That includes the CIA, the FBI, the police, and firefighters. Thank you.