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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Medicare Drug Plan

Congratulations Julie! The Washington Post has the story today about seniors saving money using the new drug plan. It also has quotes of how easy it was to sign up.
Sharon Tuller of Des Moines was reluctant to sign up because she had heard horror stories about the paperwork. But she learned from a friend about a nonprofit group that made the process painless. She and her husband, a retired school administrator, made an appointment with the group and completed their sign-up in just 20 minutes. "We thought it was going to be this horrible experience," said Tuller, 66. "It turned out to be quite the opposite."

As more people sign up, more word will go out that it's (both the signing up and the coverage) good vs a horrible experience.
Bush yesterday made light of his political woes while explaining why he had Medicare participants speak for him. "See, one way to convince people to take a look is to have others talk about the benefits of the program," he said. "They probably got a little more credibility than I do."

"Yeah," said Missourian Helen Robinette, sitting next to him, prompting laughter from the crowd.

Bush turned to her. "You don't have to agree with that," he joked.

The sad part is, by the time I'm able to sign up, we'll have forgotten this is a huge benefit paid for by the taxpayers that we should be appreciative of!