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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lots of links

I overslept today so I have to run but these are all good reads!

At the movies
Powerline on Basic Instinct 2.
Lileks on King Kong. (fun movie to me, but about an entire hour too long!)
The USS Enterprise guys dance to the Numa Numa song. Fun times!

President Chavez is going to blow it.
CARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chávez is spending billions of dollars of his country's oil windfall on pet projects abroad, aimed at setting up his leftist government as a political counterpoint to the conservative Bush administration in the region.
Even giving to American's for heating oil.
"They should first take care of their own house before taking care of others," said Benjamín Delgado, 71, a retiree who otherwise backs the government. "I think Chávez does it so he seems bigger. He wants to be seen as an international leader. There are many things about him I support. Giving away money for exactly nothing, I don't like that."
I can't imagine the people of Venezuela will put up with this for long. It would be one thing if they were doing ok, but even Mr. Chavez admits to 30% poverty levels, (though in country social scientists make that number closer to 50%.)

Faheed Zakaria has a great column in the Washington Post this morning. No real solutions but describing why we don't want to have a European look to immigration here.

UPDATE: Georgie Anne Geyer has an opinion about immigration too.
The Mexican illegals in America are calling it a "new civil rights movement." But whereas America's civil rights movement was fought for freedom for unjustly treated Americans, this movement is one of more dependency on El Norte and of a refusal to develop Mexican society economically so it can be independent and self-actualizing.

And one more.
Kuwaiti women will soon be voting for the first time.