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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Instapundit has the link concerning Zeyad (the original 3rd Iraq the Model brother who went out on his own to create Free Iraqi) coming to America to study journalism. Cool.
He hasn't been the most prolific writer, so I forget about him sometimes, but he's a good writer and should do well.

As long as the the newspapers in Iraq are allowed to be sold by the thugs again! Why don't the papers have this story going? That's definitely "bad news from Iraq".
From Omar at the newstand:
He then showed me one of those notes; the ban includes virtually every paper but basically "papers that promote Safawi [Persian] Shiasm, blasphemous secular ideas and democracy…".

I had a hard time trying to swallow what I read, why newspapers? What's going to be next? Will they try to stitch up our mouths and chop our tongues off?!

Those pen-hating cowards are afraid of the words written in our newspapers and they tried to paint their new anti-free speech campaign with a sectarian dye to make it look as if they were only after Shia and secular papers but in fact they are against everything that does not approve and praise their sick mentality.
Yes, I may not agree with what many of those newspapers do, and a few of them even sound offensive or disgusting to me for one reason or another but I cannot accept seeing them silenced in such a way and I am for their right to speak freely exactly the same way I want this right for myself.

Strange though that no one uttered a word about it as far as I know, even the papers themselves mentioned nothing about this threat on their websites and neither did any of the other local media outlets…maybe there has been a threat against that as well? I don't know right now but I'll try to find out.
This is one more time that makes me feel happy we have the internet and the means to use it.