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Friday, April 07, 2006

Immigration and the Government

I am not at all sure why new enactments have to be so full of crap and can't be simple measures where you tackle one issue at a time, but the latest Immigration Bill we're looking at now is a looooonnnnng way from simple.

Captain Ed has looked closely at the thing through the NYPost. He's showing that this new bill will 1) force immigration judges to step down after 7 years to be replaced by judges with at least 5 years of experience with immigration law and 2) will deny the lawsuits going against 2 states that offer instate tuition to illegal immigrants (there are 7 others that offer the same thing who aren't yet being sued)

(tangent: I'm glad it's the weekend.) What is so hard about passing a simple immigration bill? Count out how many illegal aliens are really needed and pass something that increases the amount of immigrants legally allowed. Then pass something else that confronts how we're going to handle our borders. I think we could even get away with ignoring the 11 million illegal immigrants here now. They shouldn't get to the head of any line - read Amnesty. Nor is it possible to deport them all. We're not doing anything about them now and if the borders are tightened, when they go home to visit family, they'll theoretically have to follow the rules to get back in.
It just doesn't seem all that hard. There doesn't have to be any new requirements that make 6 year old illegals "felons for life". Nor does there have to be any new requirements that say "if you've been here at least 2 years, welcome, but........" etc, etc, etc.

Politicians just look for ways to makes things as tricky as possible. Hm - do you suppose most of them are lawyers?