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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The UN

I don't know why they continue to shock me.

Michelle Malkin has their latest campaign. Even considering that the Muslim cartoons are racist how on earth are they connected to the business of Legos except that the creater of the cartoons and the creator of Legos are in the same country? That's like condemning Ford for whatever crap the KKK puts out.
And this is the international day of racism campaign. They can't come up with something a little more brazen than mild cartoons?
The Environmental Republican found the UN to be the go to righter of "wrongs" for Muslims.
This is interesting. A few cartoons are drawn and it makes it up to a major UN committee. Meanwhile, tens of thousands are dead or raped in Darfur and Nigeria at the hands of Muslims and it doesn't warrant two friggin' column inches or any response by the UN.