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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Is my blogiversary.

Happy Blogiversary to me.....Happy Blogiversary to me.


Blogging every day has been hard to discipline myself to do, but easier to find subjects than I thought it would be. And basically I just stick to a few subjects I find VERY important at the time. Always the war. And the MSM or anyone else who disses us as a country. No matter who's in charge. I love this country and while I know we can make mistakes, we are absolutely a great country and my respect, admiration, love and pride for it are well....I'm getting teary eyeed just thinking about it. Peggy Noonan gives it a great shot and makes a number of good points about this country, what we think of it and what little we share of it's great ideals and how that relates to the subject of the day, immigration. Get your hanky. Blogging, I have found is a small, nay minute way for me to try to share what I'm thinking concerning all of this. I'm happy it comes across and I am pleased that this has helped me on one on one personal discussions with others.

Thank you for a great year!