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Friday, March 31, 2006

Speaking of hostages

Harmeet Sooden, one of the Canadian hostages rescued last week believes a ransom was paid because no one was guarding him when the troops arrived.
He has no evidence. None. But he took it upon himself to publicly state this thinking perhaps that this will dissuade others from doing more kidnapping???
What an dumb ass.
Instead of the story in his head being this:
Within moments British soldiers were cutting them free. Another soldier wearing a mask removed it to show he was an Iraqi, a move Mr Sooden said he thought was supposed to indicate the Iraqis were involved in the rescue.

His captors were "nowhere to be seen" during the release, which was "highly unusual", he said.

"I felt it was contrived," he said. Asked if he thought a ransom was paid, Mr Sooden said it was "highly probable" though he had no evidence for that.

Why not this:
"I think that one of my captors, after the killing of American prisoner Tom Fox, had a crisis of conscience. He leaked the location of where we were being held. Then he made certain the others (kidnappers) realized that the military knew where they were so that they could escape."