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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jill Carroll Freed

And this time, it's true. She was freed, not rescued. NPR almost gets it right.
They screwed up with this paragraph:
Carroll is the fourth Western hostage to be freed in eight days. On March 23, U.S. and British soldiers, acting on intelligence gained from a detainee, freed Briton Norman Kember, 74, and Canadians James Loney, 41, and Harmeet Singh Sooden, 32, from a house west of Baghdad.
Sorry guys, those guys were not freed. They were rescued.(***SEE UPDATE 2***)

UPDATE: Here is the BBC version.
Ms Carroll's release comes a week after the freeing of three other Western hostages, a Briton and two Canadians.
Not quite the same level of disconnect, but let's be sure not to give the good guys credit, right?

The Washington Post gets it right.
Kidnappings of Westerners in Iraq has grown more common in recent months. One week ago, British and U.S. soldiers freed three members of the Chicago-based advocacy group Christian Peacemaker Teams who had been abducted in late November. A fourth member of the group who was kidnapped then, Tom Fox, of Clear Brook, Va., was shot dead and dumped on a Baghdad street in early March.
Though I'm not sure that's a true statement about kidnappings of westerners being up recently.

As does CNN:
Carroll's release also comes a week after U.S.-led coalition troops in Baghdad freed three Western hostages from the aid group Christian Peacemaker Teams who had been held hostage for nearly four months.

So - GREAT news! And a quick rundown of the quality of the news you read brought to you by me.

***UPDATE 2: Re-reading this after my commenter commented I see that I was clearly still asleep when blogging this morning. NPR's story is just fine!
The BBC is still off. My apologies to NPR!***