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Friday, March 31, 2006


We crack me up.

You're a woman, you've been kidnapped. Your translator killed. You've had your head threatened if President Bush doesn't personally do what your kidnappers have requested. You've been on TV twice, both times, stressed and crying and begging for help. Did I mention, you're a woman.

Re Jill Carroll:
Three months without exercise had made her face round. Her captors had treated her well, she said, and she never dared turn down their offers of meals or candy for fear of giving offense. I'm fat, she said.

I am not in the least belittling what she went through or questioning what she talks about to reporters. I can not imagine for even a second what it would be like. I am cracking up about women in general. I don't know a single one, fat, skinny, short, tall who wouldn't be thinking something about their weight in and amongst all of this. This is probably particular to American
women, and we fight it. Not necessarily the weight, but the thoughts about the weight. Oh how we fight it. But it's there. Lingering in the background....waiting to strike.