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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bush's Press conference

I have to say I loved it. Taken as a whole it reminded me that he really does have the big picture. Which is what I want in a president. He wanted to do a lot of things. Some have worked, Energy Bill, Patriot Act, Prescription drugs, and some haven't Social Security. But he's ok with that. He's not mad (in public) because congress has to deal with actual voters who may not want to vote in change on Social Security. Oh well - move on. The war in Iraq, isn't about any single battle, it's about changing the region. Democracies don't attack other people. (ok - we do, but we run the place) In general, Democracies don't "terrorist" attack other people. Islam isn't the enemy, terrorism is the enemy. And it's bigger than just Iraq. And it's serious.
I like him. He did well. He sounded like a goofball, but an incredibly smart goofball with huge amounts of empathy for others, including the press.
Go Mr. President!

UPDATE: Captain Ed follows up.