I think ^(link) therefore I err

Sunday, February 26, 2006


The Enviromental Republican titles today's post "Laws that do the opposite" in regards to health care laws to force Walmart to provide levels of insurance.
His title brings to mind this NYTimes story about a prison in Afghanistan, Bagram, that 1) was never meant to be a prison, but more of a short term holding facility and 2) has, shall we say, less comfortable conditions than Guantanamo because 1) it was never meant to be a prison and 2) well, it's not in US territory.
Because of things like UN calls to shut Guantanamo down and UN reports on "torture" in Guantanamo, now, the administration has decided not to send more detainees to Guantanamo. Since no one has any better ideas.......they stay at the holding center!
Other military and administration officials said the growing detainee population at Bagram, which rose from about 100 prisoners at the start of 2004 to as many as 600 at times last year, according to military figures, was in part a result of a Bush administration decision to shut off the flow of detainees into Guantánamo after the Supreme Court ruled that those prisoners had some basic due-process rights.

I'm certain that's not what the UN intended......unintended consequences guys, or, "laws that do the opposite".