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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Civil War in Iraq

Is kind of supported by Ali of Iraq.
I'm not being pessimistic here nor have I gave up, on the contrary I'm still optimistic and I don't see a limited civil war as that bad, as what would it mean? Destruction and killing on the identity? Sorry to say that that's already happening but none of the real killers is showing his face. So let them do it and say it frankly and that, I believe, will relieve a lot of the tension. I always thought that a civil war was needed to clear this tension and I had this thought more than 15 years ago when I stopped being a Sunni and that gave me access to what both sides really think of each other and it was scary...
Scary. This guy, Ali, is the other Iraq the Model brother who went out on his own. One of the reasons he thinks civil war would be ok is because we're there to keep things from getting out of control. Grrrrrrrrrr.
.... while if they don't (listen to Sistani) then they may take Iraq into a civil war which is not that unlikely now to happen given the strong Iranian interference and support for those radical components among She'at. But is that really that disastrous? Maybe, but I tend to think it won't be for many reasons. 1st such civil war will never be a full scale one with the American troops still in Iraq, so all that can happen is merely increasing the assassinations carried out by both radical Sunnis and She'at towards each other which may serve to expose those parties further more to everyone.
Ok - he's got a point. Expose the terrorists so they are easier to deal with. But he wants all of this out there to soothe old religious tensions. Get a shrink!