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Monday, November 07, 2005

Just for fun

I haven't personally clicked on any of the links, but will go ahead and pass along these rumors from a new book out re liberal hypocrisy. The book is 'Do as I say, (Not as I do): Profils in Liberal Hypocrisy' by Peter Schweitzer.
(ht: Barcepundit)

Speaking of which, from NRO comes this little bit about the NY Civil liberties union.

"NYCLU: DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO [Andy McCarthy]
The best buried story of the week comes to us from the editorial page of the New York Sun:

Hypocrisy is on show in a Manhattan courtroom today. The New York Civil Liberties Union will argue for the second day before Judge Richard Berman that the city's subway bag search policy is an "unjustifiable erosion of the privacy rights of the American public." Yet take a walk into the NYCLU's Manhattan headquarters - which it shares with other organizations - and you'll find a sign warning visitors that all bags are subject to search. One of the city's lawyers, Jay Kranis, pointed this out yesterday in court while cross-examining a witness. Either the NYCLU believes its headquarters are at greater risk of a terrorist threat than the city's subway system, or it believes ordinary New Yorkers don't deserve the same safety precautions that they do."