I think ^(link) therefore I err

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I wasn't going to mention this because I am an environmentalist and I admire people who are willing to put themselves out there for their cause, but since it's now been mentioned by two of my favorite bloggers, one who is billed as an environmentalist, it's fair game. Essentially, Greenpeace, while on an expedition to promote healthy energy and conducting dives to study the effects of global warming, hit a coral reef and did some major damage. This piece has the detail and frankly the quote of the day!

Money quote:
Mr Constantino said that Greenpeace divers on the Tubbataha expedition had found that healthy coral and no evidence of bleaching, believed to be caused by warming sea temperatures.

He said the healthy state of the Tubbataha Reefs did not disprove the theory of global warming, which he described as an "extremely complicated science".

Hello? Isn't that what everyone's been saying? So don't jump to conclusions? Be aware, do what you can, study more, but don't trash the world's economy by jumping to simple conclusions in a very complicated science.