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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Argentina Trip

First off, (re the NYTimes) this was not "one of the worst weeks of his presidency". (maybe last week, but not this) and well, what bad reporting. Lets write this story about the "power to the people loony" Chavez, along with the evil Bush who's avoiding questions about Karl Rove because we know Bush is EVIL. President Bush has serious class.
Chavez is like a gnat who pretends he's got something important that we want enough to bully our way in. The problem is, like the middle east, he's creating the 'it's the USA's fault' idea in everyone's head. Poverty, blame the US. Storms, blame the US. Israel, blame the US. This sort of paradigm sadly ends up with little Osamas. Only this time they'd be in our hemisphere.
Powerline has pictures.