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Thursday, November 03, 2005

ANWR set to pass

via Powerline which makes this a very sad day.

I've told my congress people and now I'll say it here - why do we want to drill in ANWR NOW? According to powerline, it would be to lower the price of gas. And why do we want that?? Until we see the result of personal change in this country, we will always be relying on foreign oil for our energy. If we drill in Alaska and gas goes down do you really think we Americans will have the foresight to say,
"hmmm, we dodged that bullet, lets plan better for the next round after we've emptied out ANWR. Let's build smaller houses without huge open spaces that need heating. Let's dump our hummers because, really, why do we need one. Let's ride our bikes more to commute and let's increase our reliance on solar and wind"

Please. If gas goes down, we'll go about our merry way until once again, we'll be in a crisis relying on Venezuela who, (yeah right) will be far more reliable than Saudi Arabia.

I wrote about this in September and my reasoning was spot on then too.