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Thursday, October 13, 2005

This Weekend

I will be setting up a computer this weekend, help me out.
The user
1) wants to surf the net
2) get email
3) maybe get onto the computer at work
4) get an ipod
5) I suspect she'll eventually want a digital camera

The user
1) will not maintain a computer regularly with virus protections etc
2) has never used Windows Explorer and does not personally use the Microsoft suite for much at work.
3) will probably give up, call me and cuss if the computer crashes
4) is not saving money up for anything

I am proposing a mac. Comments? Strangers that she meets are proposing a pc and she's waffling and, can you imagine, not accepting my word as gospel.

May I also suggest, she click here on the tab labeled Switch.

UPDATE: The computer WILL be used for work. To download documents and print them out and read them. (which a mac can do) She's clearly leaning toward a pc. Frankly as Imy pc I am using right this second has once again slowed down to a crawl and I'm having to check every little thing on it again to see what the problem is....I STILL vote mac.