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Sunday, October 09, 2005


The mudslide in Guatemala is a terrible tragedy. Those things come quick. What gets me, and tell me if you agree - in an article about it, (see here) you come across this sentance. "Behind a makeshift rope barrier, dozens of women dressed in the village's traditional purple blouses embroidered with birds and animals awaited news of missing kin." Those kinds of sentances bug me because they make these women sound like interesting zoo creatures vs women who have lost their families and are wearing clothes. When writing about people in NYC do they talk about women in the tradition "black and white" attire? Yes, sure, in a fashion or entertainment piece, but not about say, 911. "With smoke billowing around them, women in the traditional NYC dress that includes blacks slacks and a white blouse with button down collar, searched the bulletin boards for names of their loved ones."