I think ^(link) therefore I err

Friday, October 28, 2005


It sounds to me like the baby boomers (and I'm one) are getting old. This Noonan piece about the lack of a future for the world is one sad tale. Read it twice and tell me that it doesn't sound like an elitist, self involved, we are the world, baby boomer piece.
These complaints that she has, have rung true for ages. And yes, the end may be nigh, but it's always been nigh. I was certain it was going to end in the 80s, others were certain in the 50s and frankly, try to imagine going through Bubonic plague 2 centuries ago. Wouldn't you have thought the end was nigh then?
Things change. ie No one reads the Bible anymore, so classic stories have to have footnotes on your basic biblical references. (sorry - Just re-read Wuthering Heights only now it has footnotes to explain references to Job) And that's not the end of the world. I've never lived during a time when we trusted the government.

Doesn't this, sound a bit elitest?

" Our elites, our educated and successful professionals, are the ones who are supposed to dig us out and lead us."

See Katrina, that kid bus driver, who stole the bus and drove a load of people to the Astrodome. He's the people who will dig us out. Not the Ted Kennedy's who've clearly given up on youth! (I can't believe she even has a thought about what he has to say!)

Frankly, I think we'll be alright. I think Peggy is upset because our generation is getting old and when that happens we get sad and overwhelmed with what hasn't yet been accomplished. Our youth was better - our youth had hope - our youth was drenched in safety and a future. Well today's youth has a much smaller world. Give them some credit. They are the ones overseas and they will be having children who will be communicating with people around the globe. Are there tsunamis and flus and earthquakes? yes. Does that mean the endtimes are here? Maybe. But there are a ton of good kids. Are ours overindulged? probably. Who knows what that means in the long run but I'm certain that we baby boomers put way too much importance on our generation and don't give the next ones nearly enough credit.