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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Michael Yon

Has a column up in The Weekly Standard in regards to the election in Iraq. It's well worth the read.

(after the electricity went out in Baghdad)
"I walked through the morning darkness to meet the soldiers, who were laughing at the terrorists: Don't those dumbasses know that the voting will happen during the daytime? When it comes to winning hearts and minds, cutting off the electricity didn't win any support. I have been saying it for many months: The terrorists are losing. But today was litmus-day."

(a quote that helps to remind us how things used to be there)
"I then spoke with Major Yayha Rasuruh from the Iraqi army, who is charged with securing the 46th Sector of Sadr City. He said he took all 50 of his soldiers to vote, and he showed his purple finger proudly. "I think this is great time Iraq passes through. Thirty-five years we suffer. There is freedom now." We talked for about ten minutes, and I asked what it was like to vote. Major Yayha said that the voting worker made him fold his ballet before sticking it in the box. I laughed and said, "The worker was brave. He told an army major to fold his paper!""

"The whole country looked quiet. "The media is going to be very disappointed," chuckled one soldier, and I laughed along with him."