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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Harriet Miers

Tons of links via Uncorrelated. Cronyism? Maybe a bit.

Personally, I never thought Bush was as conservative as his base likes to think he is. Also - Bush wanted to be a uniter. Remember that? If Miers was on the list from Reid and he approves, why not pick her? I have to admit though, if I were on that other list floating around, ie Brown, I would be ticked off. In the end, Bush has just 3 years. His biggest agenda item is already dead. (Social Security) That leaves the war. He should stay focused on that.

Ragged Thots has his worries posted and they do make sense. Just like the lack of vision from Kerry, you want people on the court who are not wafflers. What did make her change? I'm sure it will come out.

This could be a secret plot. Jeff Goldstein finds her potentially supporting and International Criminal Court. So this information comes out and Bush nominates again, but by then the fight is out of everyone and we all live in peace and harmony.......