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Friday, April 01, 2005

New news on WMD?

I remember thinking, no, knowing that there was no way the President had specific proof of WMD, because if there was, it would have been as easy as calling the inspection teams and saying, go to this place and you will find X.
During the whole buildup to war, everyone I knew, knew this was true. No matter what words came out of DC, we all assumed there was no specific proof, but that it was assumed that Sadaam had WMD and we'd find it when we got there. I basically figured we went to war for ALL the reasons listed in the joint resolution signed by Congress, and figured that the WMD would show up later. Isn't that what everyone figured?
While this new report is important to have done, it seems a bit like old news.

WASHINGTON — A presidential commission said Thursday that "the intelligence community was dead wrong in almost all of its prewar judgments" on Iraq's arsenal. The commission also warned in a scathing report that the CIA and other agencies may be equally blind now about nuclear threats posed by countries such as Iran and North Korea.